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The most significant increase is recorded in the movement of fertilizer, which shot up 123% compared to 2016.

During the first two months of 2017, the total cargo movement has increased by 21 percent in the Port of Topolobampo, where 937 thousand tons of the various products have been mobilized, said Heliodoro Robles Gámez, General Director Of the Topolobampo Integral Port Administration.

The General Director of the API emphasized the importance of the volumes of cargo operated, since at the same date during 2016 reported 773 thousand tons, 164 thousand tons less.

He pointed out that the bulk mineral (fertilizers) increased by 143 percent, oil and its derivatives by 27.7 percent, agricultural bulk by 26.5 percent, while the load of other products in general decreased by 13 percent.

In this period the arrival of a total of 143 boats to the Port has been registered.

Also, during the first two months of the year, the Regatta and Azamara Quest cruisers arrived with a total of 1,387 passengers, a number that is also relevant and has an impact on the tourism sector, since throughout 2016 only the arrival of one single boat.


He announced that on March 3 of this year, API Topolobampo received the badge of Socially Responsible Company from the Mexican Center for Philanthropy CEMEFI for having accredited its commitment to corporate social responsibility, which denotes the efforts being undertaken to continue making progress on the matter.


He indicated that API Topolobampo has the fundamental purpose of continuing to expand and modernize the port infrastructure; therefore, within their expectations for the next few years contemplates, to continue enabling the land gained to the sea to leave them in conditions of new business opportunities that encourage the generation of jobs.

An important point is to start maintenance dredging works of the main navigation channel, which has a length of 22 kilometers and is the longest of all Mexican Ports.

Continue with the expansion of docks located in the southwestern part of the port, because currently in this area there are 612 meters of docks in public use, construction of North berth works at the ferry terminal, as well as modernization and rehabilitation of container and cargo docks in general.

"Mr. Guillermo Ruiz de Teresa, General Coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine, has stated that the National Infrastructure Program is undoubtedly the best instrument for growth and development in the Country and hence the importance of continuing to move forward firm in this important area," he said.

He stated that within the main purposes they have on the part of the general coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine is to continue promoting the national port system, through the Integral Management system, which includes basic aspects such as; quality, environment, safety and health at work, we are working to maintain the certification of clean industry, among other programs that are operating.

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